Online private lessons have become the new state of the art due to better technology.

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Whether you are at home, on vacation
or on the road with your business travel.


Save time and costs of travelling. Manage your lesson’s schedule Individually.


No matter in which country you are right now. The distance doesn’t matter.

HD video quality

A internet connection with only 1.2Mbps download speed is sufficient for a great HD quality.


Five languages

Choose between English, Spanish, German, Dutch or Russian language.


No contracts

Stay free from any fixed school contracts and pause or cancel your lessons at any time.

Individual classes

Choose which lesson package fits best to you!


Single class

Easy and flexible
  • One full 60 minutes lesson
  • Flexible in time scheduling through an independant one-time use
  • Follow webinars on subjects like theory, eartraining, songwriting & recordning etc.
  • Get extra feedback on your video or audio homework
  • Access to more FREE online material


3 classes package
105/3 classes
  • 3 full 60 minutes lessons
  • Flexible in time scheduling for a period of up to 2 months
  • Follow webinars on subjects like theory, eartraining, songwriting & recording etc.
  • Get extra feedback on your video or audio homework
  • Access to more FREE online material


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What the students say

Don’t just believe me, but also ask my students!

Everything is just right with Owens guitar lessons. Having the right knowledge of the material is, of course, a requirement of a good teacher. But his didactic qualities are the ones who make the lessons so valuable. He responds to my individual needs and is able to help me reach my goals with diversity and fun. He also has helped me to improve some of my bad playing habits that have been remained undetected for many years. Having lessons on Skype doesn’t have disadvantages, on the contrary: Now I am able to take regular lessons despite my full schedule.
(Translated from German)

Bei dem Gitarrenunterricht mit Owen stimmt wirklich alles. Dass er Ahnung von der Materie hat ist natürlich Voraussetzung bei einem guten Lehrer. Aber seine didaktischen Qualitäten sind es, die den Unterricht so wertvoll machen. Er geht auf die individuellen Bedürfnisse des von mir als Schüler ein, und ist in der Lage, einen mit viel Abwechslung und Spaß ans Ziel zu führen. Zudem hat er einige meiner schlechten Spielgewohnheiten, die bei anderen Lehrern unerkannt blieben, bemerkt und verbessert. Dass der Unterricht über Skype stattfindet hat keinerlei Nachteile, im Gegenteil: So bin ich in der Lage trotz vollem Terminplan regelmäßig Unterricht zu nehmen.

Mark S - from Germany

The guitar lessons with Owen are great. He helps me linking the current with my new knowledge and can still inspire me after the many years I have been playing classical guitar. From music theory to improvisation and flamenco techniques he always has an answer and shows me how diverse the guitar can be.
(Translated from German)

Der Gitarrenunterricht mit Owen ist klasse. Er hilft mir, bereits gelerntes mit Neuem zu verknüpfen und kann mich nach einigen Jahren der klassischen Gitarrenmusik noch immer für Neues begeistern. Von Musiktheorie über Improvisation bis hin zu Flamenco Techniken, weiß Owen immer bescheid und zeigt mir, wie vielseitig die Gitarrenmusik sein kann.

Benny T - from Germany

Owen knows what teaching is. He explains the matter clearly and repeats if necessary. But most important I find the passion he conveys during his lessons. It makes you become motivated to develop yourself. The classes are a nice mixture between theory and practice. And because they are given online you can practice them in your own familiar surroundings. Owen is an enthusiastic, inspiring person and he also has the patience to assist you in your own way. Because he has so much knowledge about music he also helps me to write my own songs. I would recommend Owen to everyone!
(Translated from Dutch)

Owen weet wat lesgeven is. Hij legt de stof duidelijk uit en herhaalt indien nodig. Maar het belangrijkste vind ik nog de passie die hij overbrengt tijdens de lessen. Daardoor word je enorm gemotiveerd om jezelf te ontwikkelen. De lessen zijn een leuke afwisseling tussen theorie en praktijk. En omdat ze online gegeven worden kun je in je eigen vertrouwde omgeving oefenen. Owen is enthousiast, inspirerend en heeft daarnaast ook het geduld om jou op je eigen manier verder te helpen. Omdat hij zoveel kennis heeft van muziek helpt hij me ook met het schrijven van mijn eigen nummers. Ik zou Owen aan iedereen aanraden!

Paulien S - from the Netherlands

I am playing guitar for quite a while but I’m always learning new things!
And beyond the fact that it’s super instructive it is always amusing. Having lessons via Skype is very comfortable because I can simply stay at home and therefore easier schedule school and sports. The lessons through Skype can be followed and understood easily. The lessons are never boring and always fun!
(Translated from Dutch)

Ik speel al best wel lang gitaar, maar elke keer leer ik weer nieuwe dingen! En buiten het feit dat het super leerzaam is, is het ook altijd leuk en gezellig. Via Skype les krijgen vind ik heel handig, omdat je gewoon thuis kan blijven en hierdoor was het voor mij makkelijk om nog te combineren met school en sport. Het is ook goed te verstaan en te volgen via skype. De lessen met Owen zijn nooit saai en altijd lachen!

Demi N - from the Netherlands

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a free trial lesson before?

Yes, I offer you a free trial lesson, so that you can get an impression of me and my classes and where we will check the quality of the connection.

What is the minimum level that is required?

You can start at any level! The classes are aimed at beginners, intermediate, professional musicians as well as singer-songwriters.

How do I pay the lessons?

1. The safest and fastest way is to pay by Paypal. Here you just need a Paypal account and can send me the appropriate amount to my Paypal account using my email address ( The transfer is being made within a few seconds.

2. The other option is to pay via online banking directly to my bank account (I would tell you my bank account number). In this case, you should transfer the money in due time.

Do I need to pay my weekly lessons throughout the holidays as well?

No. You only pay when you get a lessons in reward. Still you can have lessons at any moment, throughout the holidays or on vacation.

Can I take lessons during holidays or on vacation?

Of course. The lessons will be given throughout the entire year and planned individually.

What to do in case of sickness ? Can I catch up on my lessons?

Please let me know on time when you are sick or can not take the class. Then we can move your private lesson to a different time. Btw, it is difficult to infect each other online 🙂

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