Guitar & Vacation

Practice and study guitar up to 6-8 hours per day and make vacation at your chosen place.

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Talking about music is like dancing about architecture – Steve Martin

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Practice, learn and make music for
6-8 hours per day.


Take a time off from work, stress and daily routines.


Barcelona – Spain
Haarlem – Netherlands
Anrath – Germany


2 days weekend

(Saturday & Sunday)
100/2 days
  • By reservation

3 days weekend

(Friday, Saturday & Sunday)
150/3 days
  • By reservation

5 days week

(depending on each ones schedule)
250/5 days
  • By reservation


You always wanted to spend more time focussing on hours of guitar playing while taking a time off from work?
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Whether you want to improve your playing, deepen harmonic knowledge, improve your ear or compose and record music, I’m offering 2-3 days weekend and 5 day week workshops in which you will study and practice up to 6-8 hours per day. The courses are for beginners, advanced and very good players of all ages and can be given in English, Spanish, German, Dutch and Russian language. Click here to view the exact course topics. I’m curious what interests you the most and I am able to adapt to your needs concerning the subjects.

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 Level 1 - Total Beginner guitar course Level 2 - Intermediate guitar course Level 3 - Advanced guitar course Level 4 - Expert guitar course Songwriting & Composing course Recording Music course Theory & Eartraining Music Notation

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