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I’m offering private and groups classes for all musical levels, all ages and in five different languages.


Your level

You can start at any level! Just check the right meetup event that fits you the best.


No contracts

Stay free from any fixed schools contracts and pause or cancel your lessons at any time.


Any subjects and styles of Pop, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Latin, Reggae, Classical, Fingerstyle music.


Five languages

I speak English, Spanish, German, Dutch and Russian. In the group classes we will choose a common language.

Acoustic or electric guitar

Bring your acoustic or electric guitar. The classes can be followed with either one of them.


La Barceloneta
08003 Barcelona
(Exact address in the meetup event)

Private classes

Individual classes are effective for working on your personal goals and in your own pace. Here we can adapt the lesson to concentrate upon the individual’s strengths and weaknesses and create a customised practice plan. For individual/private lessons simply contact me by mail and I will get in touch with you. One private lesson lasts 1 full hour.

Group classes

The group lessons are not just simply classes of more people. These are structured and dynamic classes in which we will musically interact with each other, play different musical roles, learn new songs and styles, go through all-important kinds of subjects while not loosing the most important thing: Fun! I will provide you with clear methods and printed material in order to save your time while learning what you want to achieve.

To join the group lessons simply create your free account and join my ‘International Guitar Lessons Meetup’ group. Each time I schedule a class you will be notified by e-mail and can decide whether to attend it or not. The lessons are given in small groups of 3-5 peopleone group lesson/event lasts 1 full hour.


Group class

1 class
15/single class

Group classes

weekly classes

Individual class

1 class
40/per class

Individual classes

4 classes package
140/4 classes

Types of Lessons

Discover what types of lessons I’m offering.

Beginner guitar

Start from scratch, get a good sound out of your guitar and learn the guitar basics and your first songs.

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Songwriting & Composing

Learn to express yourself by writing your own music. Understand why some songs sound good and why others do not.

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Intermediate guitar

Improve your left and right hand technique, understand the basic fretboard overview and discover more musical styles.

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Recording Music

Learn how to work with DAW softwares like Logic Pro or Ableton, how to produce, edit and mix your own music but also how to work more efficiently!

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Advanced guitar

Deepen harmonic knowledge, create a profound rhythm feeling and play more advanced songs.

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Theory & Eartraining

Learn to understand music and how to play entire songs by ear without the use of music notation or tabs.

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Expert guitar

Close gaps in your musical knowledge, develop your dexterity, dynamics, speed and perform alone or with others musicians.

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Music Notation

Learn how to work with Sibelius and how to create professional music notation in the form of ‘full score’ and ‘lead sheet’ notation.

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Preparation for the conservatory entrance exams

These classes aim at preparing the participant towards the practical, theoretical and solfège/ear part of conservatories entrance exams.

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Guitar classes

Beginner & Intermediate

LEVEL 1 - Beginner guitarLEVEL 2 - Intermediate guitar
Basics• Correct postures
• Getting a good sound of your guitar
• How to tune the guitar
• How to hold and use the plectrum
• How to play with fingers (classical/pop style)
• How to read TABs
• How to use a capo
• Listen to appropriate music examples
• Closing gaps from beginner to intermediate level
• Creating a good sound
• How to simply record yourself
• How to practice with the metronome
• How to transpose a song in a different key
• Playing different musical roles
• Bass runs
• Listen to music
Songs, Repertoire• Your first songs of your favorite artists in the styles of Pop, Rock, Blues, Reggie. Sing & Play (if you like)• More interesting songs with extended chords
• Discovering more styles
Technique & Rhythm• Basic Left and Right hand coordination
• Simple Rhythms
• Warm Up exercises
• Pull-offs, muting, slides, hammer-ons
• Improve your rhythm, understand subdivisions
Chords, Accompaniment• Basic chords (Open position, Barre & Power Chords)
• Simple Riffs
• Various strumming patterns
• Fingerpicking basics
• CAGED system/moving chords
• More interesting chords with open strings
Melody, Soloing, Improvisation• Play simple melodies• First steps into improvisation
• Common blues licks and variations
• Play with Jamtracks/Playalongs
Theory & Fretboard overview• Understanding common song structures
• Root notes on the E,A,D string-set
• Major scale
• Minor scale, Pentatonic & Blues Scale
• Root notes on the G,B,E string-set
Eartraining-• Distinguish between Major & Minor Chords/Melodies
• Recognizing chords in open position
GOAL• Playing simple entire songs with the original audio• Playing more difficult songs from beginning till end

Guitar classes

Advanced & Expert

LEVEL 3 - Advanced guitarLEVEL 4 - Expert guitar
Basics• Closing gaps from intermediate to advanced level
• Creating a nice touch for a single note
• Considering practice routines
• Guitar ensemble group-playing
• Sight-reading (music notation)
• Improving dynamics
• Listen to music
• Closing gaps from advanced to expert level
• Preparing concerts/gigs
• Develop your dexterity, dynamics, speed
• How to play artificial harmonics
• How to create good setlists
• Performing Solo and with others
• Improve your sight-reading
Songs, Repertoire• More advanced songs
• Songs written in other modes than major and minor
• Play more interesting song-arrangements
• Creating own cover-arrangements
Technique & Rhythm• Creating a profound rhythm feeling while accompanying and soloing
• Hybrid Picking
• Learn about odd meters (5/4, 7/8)
• Legato playing, String skipping etc.
• Usage of dynamics & Speed
Chords, Accompaniment• 7th Chords (maj7, min7, dom7, m7b5)
• Chords with color notes (add9, sus2, sus4)
• More complex fingerpicking
• Advanced strumming’s
• Accompanying singers or other instruments
• Re-harmonization of songs
• All chord types
Melody, Scales, Soloing, Improvisation• Improvising over more advanced chord changes
• Vocabulary of specific artists/styles
• 7th Chord arpeggios
• Development of melodic & rhythmic improvisation
• Single note, octave, and chord soloing
• Soloing in double stops
• More vocabulary of specific artists/styles
• Etudes
Theory & Fretboard overview• Scales & chords derived from the 7 modes of the major scale
• Applying of scale degrees
• Analyzing songs and chord progressions
• Songwriting
• Understanding melody & harmony relations
• Analyse music
• Playing in all keys
• Be able to transpose to any key, in any position
Eartraining• How to play simple songs by ear• Visualize melodies
GOAL• Creating an individual song repertoire• Perform a mini concert in your own way/style

Songwriting & Composing classes

Lesson content
• Music theory basics, Scale degreesUnderstand how music basically works
• Advanced Harmony, ReharmonizationGo beyond the basics and find new chord colours
• Analyzing musicUnderstand how music is written and why it works
• Modes and coloursUse modes to express the right feelings and pictures
• Melody, Voice leadingThe melody is one of the most important component
• RhythmWrite strong rhythms parts and let your music groove
• Songwriting & Composition techniquesLearn specific writing techniques
• Storytelling, TopicsCome up with concepts for songs and write proper lyrics
• DynamicsLet your music breath and create emotions through dynamics
• Hooklines, RiffsInvent strong repeating parts that stuck in one's head
• Musical formLearn how to structure a song/composition
• Write your own musicExpress what you would like to express through music

Recording Music classes

Lesson content
• Hardware equipment, Audio cables Which hardware to choose?
• DAW softwareLogic, Cubase, Pro Tools, Ableton Live etc.
• Basic settingsSet your recording software and interface to work properly
• Recording acoustic, amplified and midi instrumentsGuitars, Bass, Keys, Strings, Vocals etc.
• MikingWhich mics, when and how to use them
• Mixing, Editing, Plugins, EffectsHow to prepare your music for mastering
• LoopingBuild your own loopstation on your computer
• Midi programmingProgram your midipedals to do what you want them to do
• Exporting musicExport and upload your music to the right music platforms
• Music marketingIdeas and tips over how to promote your music
• Arranging instrumentsLet each instrument do the right job
• Final workRecord and complete your own tracks

Theory & Eartraining classes

Lesson content
• Music theory basics, Scale degrees
• Functional harmony
• Keys, Tonality
• Intervals, triads, 7th, 9, 11, 13 Chords
• Scales & Modes, Chord/Scale relation
• Consonance and dissonance
• Rhythm (binary/ternary, shuffle/straight)
• Timbre, dynamics, articulation, expressions
• Tonal eartraining
• Vertical eartraining
• Pick up music by ear

Music Notation classes

Lesson content
• Transcribing techniques
• Chosing the right transcription tools
• Eartraining
• Working with Sibelius
• Creating lead sheets, tabulatur or orchestral scores
• Entering time and key signatures, notes, rests, accidentals, chords
• Setting essential preferences, Basic score playback
• Layout, Formating the score
• Saving time through personal shortcuts
• Inputting notation throgh a MIDI keyboard or guitar
• Exporting and printing the final work

Preparation for the conservatory entrance exams

Lesson content
• Theory & EartrainingDetermine Intervals/Chords, Melody/Harmony, Scales, Modes
• Rhythm dictationNotate rhythms that are being playing, determine time signature
• Instrumental performancePrepare a few tunes for the music performance test

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